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Seductive Makeover From Payton Kane - Only $700.00

 Seductive Makeover - Become More Attractive To Men

Jenna received a Makeover in May 2008.

Payton Kane is Dating Coach and a Certified Image Consultant. He has worked with Senators, CEO's, Professional Athletes, Pop Stars, Rappers, and numerous celebrities around the world. He can help you create a powerful self image and teach you how to look your absolute best,

A Seductive Makeover is an extreme makeover specifically designed to help you look much more attractive to men and to give you more of a sexy/sensual type of look. We concentrate on your best physical qualities and teach you how to create attractive styles to make men more attracted to you.

Spend 4 hours with Payton Kane and the exclusive Seduce & Conquer Makeover Team in Toronto.

Learn how to become more attractive to men. How to dress for every occasion. How to have presence. How to groom. How to wear your hair. How to buy clothes that are right for you and how to look absolutely amazing at all times!

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

We fully guarantee that you will love your new look and all men will want you or your money back!

Karla received a Seductive Makeover in July 2008

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Telephone Seductive Makeover From Payton Kane - From $99.00


A Telephone Seductive Makeover is the same as above except it is done over the telephone. You email us your picture and we send your picture to Payton Kane and our Makeover Team. We will have your results within 3 business days and Payton Kane will personally disclose all the information to you over the telephone. (included in the Ultimate Seduce & Conquer Program) Learn how to look amazing to at all times!

To Order By Phone or For More Info Call:

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