How to Pick Up Women

By Payton Kane





# 1: Do Not Act Like the "Nice Guy"

Gentlemen, please understand that when it comes to attracting, meeting and seducing beautiful women, “nice guys” will always finish last. Women do not want to date a “nice guy.” She wants be with a confident and cocky guy who has personality and lots of attitude. Nice guys are too easy for her and fall into that dreaded “friend” category. Women want a guy who is NOT easy and when you’re the “nice guy”, women automatically think you’re easy.

Have you ever noticed that all the hot, sexy women out there never seem to be dating or attracted to a "nice guy?" and to make matters worse doesn't it seem like all these beautiful babes are dating guys that are jerks?

Better yet…

Have you ever noticed that it’s always the girls that you are not interested in that are suddenly interested in you?


Exactly, because you were not interested in them and you were not trying to be overly nice or sweet to them. 

Women don't like "nice" guys. They are all too easy for her. Beautiful women, gentlemen, want a challenge! Always remember that!

They want to be intrigued when they first meet you; they want to be kept on their toes,

They want a challenge.


You have to learn how to give her that challenge….


Seduce & Conquer will teach you how to give her the best challenge of her life so she’s drawn right into you!


# 2: Don't Give Her a Compliment When You First Meet Her

What do most guys do the first time they meet a woman? Exactly they pay them a compliment or try to be the "sweet guy" The sweet guy is worse than the nice guy. Not only does it give her no challenge it actually turns her off from you. She will dislike you if you approach her and give her a compliment. Women don’t want to hear compliments and they don’t want to hear pick up lines. You will seem like a desperate loser in her mind because you are too interested in her and you're much too easy for her.


Because women live for the thrill of the chase, the second they know they can have you, they will not want you anymore. Compliments and pick up lines backfire in your face. She might smile and laugh but in the back of her mind she's laughing at you, not with you! It's all a game and you have to learn how to play it!

There are 3 phases to the game...

The First Phase - Begins when you first meet her...

The Second Phase - Begins right after you have sex with her...

The Third Phase - Begins when you get into a serious relationship with her...

Seduce & Conquer teaches you how to play the game and all its 3 phases so she falls head over heels for you!


# 3: Don't Sell Yourself to Her

Most guys meet a girl and realize that she's a little apprehensive and then, the first thing they do is try to convince the girl to feel comfortable around them and to like them. Never try to convince a woman to like you. If she's not attracted to you convincing her or persuading her to like you will turn her further away from you! Most guys meet a girl and try to SELL them the idea of being with him. Attraction cannot be sold gentlemen; it can be created but not sold. Don't try to convince women to like you.

The more you try to convince her, the less she will like you. Create the attraction you desire by being the opposite of what she expects!

Seduce & Conquer will teach you how to create attraction and how to leave a lasting impression on every girl you meet! It really is so easy!


# 4: Never Kiss Her Ass

A lot of guys make the huge mistake of kissing her ass or agreeing with everything she says when they first meet her. Women don't want you to kiss their ass, exactly the opposite. Remember kissing her ass or looking for her approval doesn't give her that challenge she desires. Women want a challenge and if you want her approval don't suck up to her and don’t kiss her ass. Treat her like shit, put her down and do it with style and you'll get that approval!

I know it sounds hard and cruel but if you want to be a success with women you cannot kiss her ass and you can not agree with everything she says. You have to learn how to capture her attention and how to seduce her mind. Seduction is a mental process, NOT a physical one. Seduce her mind and only then will you seduce her body.


Seduce & Conquer will teach you how to capture every girl's attention and seduce her mentally within a few minutes of speaking to her. You will create a mental connection with every girl you meet!



# 5: Do Not Come On Too Strong

So many guys out there come on way too strong! Women want to want you gentlemen; they don't want you to want them. I know it's crazy but that's the way they think. They can have anyone they want so they’re obviously attracted to guys that don’t want them. You can never let her know that you want her or are interested in her. She should never know what your intentions are or where you stand.

So many guys are doing great with her until they make the grave mistake of asking her for a number and then she says no. There are many ways of getting her phone number and taking her out but asking her definitely is NOT one of them. Don't come on too strong; let her come after you by being indifferent. The more you go after her, the more she will push you away. When you push her away, she will come after you.

Seduce & Conquer will show you how to make women come after you and chase after you.  They will even ask YOU out!


#6: Do Not Give Out Your Phone # and Do Not Ask For Her For Email

What happens every time you ask a girl for her #? She will either give it to you or say “give me yours.” Never give your # or email address to women you meet. They WILL NOT call you. If she’s interested in you, she will gladly give you her #. If she asks for yours instead, it’s because she does not plan on calling you or seeing you ever again and is only taking it to get you off her back. Never make this mistake again! If she says give me yours you say: “sorry, I don’t hand out my # to every woman I meet. You have to be very special to get it”

Emails are very easy to get. If you want her email, just say: “hey, you have email?” before you walk away. Women will gladly give you their email addresses but again only because they do not plan on going out with you and are giving it to you to feed their own egos and take what’s left of yours. Do not give out your email and do not ask her for her email. Your conversion rates are MUCH higher when you get her # and call her.

Seduce & Conquer will teach you exactly how to get her # and what to say so she gets excited for your call.


#7: Do Not Call Her Too Soon

So many guys get her # and then screw it all up because they either call too soon or call too often. You must wait at least 3 – 5 days until you call her for the first time. This is very important! If you call her too soon, she will think you are too eager and too interested and she will lose interest in YOU. The same goes for if you call her too often. You only call her ONCE and only to set up the date. Create anticipation, create chemistry and show her that you are not that interested. You must make her wait at least 3 – 5 days before you call her and what you say and how you do it, will determine whether or not you get the date.

Seduce & Conquer will teach you exactly how to do it and what to say so she looks forward to your date.


#8:  Do Not Get Excited When You Are Around Her or When You Talk To Her

Women have the “sixth sense” when it comes to attraction. They can tell if you want them and how bad you want them by the way you look at them, the way you talk to them, the way you behave around them and the things that you say. Remember, once she realizes you want her, she will lose all interest in you. So your body language, your behavior and what you say to her will determine whether you pick her up or not. It is very important that you act like you are not interested in her.

How Do I Do That?

By picking on her and making fun of her answers.

How Should I Talk To Her?


-Speak loudly

-Speak clearly and speak slowly

-Talk with confidence, have energy and lots of enthusiasm 

-Use the tone of your voice

-Have confidence, have attitude, be cocky, be funny, be sarcastic & control the conversation

-Look right into her eyes as you are speaking to her

-Pick on her and make fun of her the whole time you are speaking to her

-Tease her and make her laugh  

Laughter is the key to her heart and also the key into her sweet little panties!!!

Seduce & Conquer will teach you exactly how to talk and how to act around women. Seduce & Conquer will even teach you how to dress so she’s physically attracted to you! You will learn exactly how to talk to her, what to say, how to make her laugh, how to use the tone of your voice, how to portray confidence, how to have attitude, how to be cocky, how to be funny, and how to be sarcastic.

 I will personally teach you how to have all the qualities that every woman wants in a man. Every single woman you meet will want you. I guarantee it!  


#9: Do Not Tell Her How You Feel About Her Too Soon

This is one of the biggest mistakes men make with women.  Timing is everything when it comes to seduction. You must not tell women how you feel about them when you meet first meet them and you must not tell her how you feel about her too soon in the relationship. You have to learn what women want and how to give it to them gradually so they don’t lose interest in you.

How Do I Do That?


-Do not use pick up lines

-Do not come on to her

-Do not give her any compliments

-Do not tell her how you feel

-Do not act nervous when you are speaking to her

-Do not let her know where you stand

-Do not let her know what your intentions are

-Do not let her know that you are interested


#10:  Show Her That She Is The Lucky 1 to Be With You

So many guys think that they are soooo lucky when they actually begin talking to a beautiful woman. This is why they don’t score. You have to show her that she is the lucky one to be talking to you. She is the lucky one if she gets to go out with you. This is very important gentlemen. A woman will chase a man who does not want her and will dump a man who chases after her.

Which guy do you want to be…? The one they chase after or the one who gets dumped?

Seduce & Conquer will teach you how to have the power and how to make women come after you. They will be the ones to pursue you. She will chase after you. She will want you; she will desire you and YOU will finally have the POWER!




“Any woman you want eating out of the palm of your hand”


About two years ago I had a bad break up wherein I had ultimately allowed a woman to totally disrespect, mistreat and dominate me. All in the name of love! After that I vowed it would never happen again. I went on a mission to learn all I could about woman ,dating and relationships. Since then I have literally spent thousands of dollars digesting everything I could get my hands on about this subject, buying all the e books, courses etc. Some good ,some worthless and so on. It wasn't until I discovered Payton's materials did I find I really had the answer. From the first second to the last on his program(cds) his passion and gut level wisdom of what it really takes to conquer the babes rings true. I am truly grateful for having found this material and would highly recommend it without hesitation

Pete M


Dear Dr. Kane,

"I was once a shy rabbit, but after ordering Seduce & Conquer, I became a raging tiger! The night I ordered your CD's I went out on the town and scored four phone numbers and brought a woman back to my place. Your techniques WORK like a charm!"


Dear Payton,  

I recently purchased your Seduce and Conquer program, and have been completely blown away by the effectiveness of your course. I have purchased other Seduction programs, but yours is the only one that a person can use immediately to begin producing the results they desire. You convey this Seduction technology with a real passion that makes the program absorbing from start to finish. I actually enjoy listening to this program because it's all immediately useful information, not a bunch of filler. It's all relevant, and it all works.  

An added bonus of this course is that it is applicable to all your interactions with people. You will be told the Truth about what it takes to begin living your dreams. You will be motivated to believe in yourself and take some bold action. You will develop the mindset of the few who do, not the many who only watch.  

Anyone who orders this program will be investing in themselves. Payton, you've really created a program that shines on it's own. This is a paradigm shift in the Seduction world. What an accomplishment!  



Your program is nothing short of miraculous. You have actually tapped into the female psyche and given us all a greater understanding of it. I have ordered 6 different programs off the Net and nothing came even close to yours.


Sam R.


Hi Dr. and Team,

I just finished listening to the first CD and Wow !.... This is the Anthony Robbins of Getting Laid. I listened to many seduction programs and I have to say that your program is the best. Not only because the information that contains but the rather the way is delivered. The guy has a lot energy and enthusiasm that I end up listening to the first CD 4 times the same day!!! And I never got bored.




Your CD s are great. I have waited all my life to hear what you got to say. It is fantastic  I am 53 years old  and when I listen to what you have got to say , I now know where I went wrong as the MR Nice Guy. So thank you ; you are doing a fantastic job.




I have tried many different programs on the internet and most are worthless. Most say "be confident , funny , dress well" but give little information how to achieve that. Your program tells you exactly how to achieve it and more. You're right.... This is the worlds ultimate seduction system!!!


Kyle C.


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Q & A With Payton Kane.



What Do Women Want?


Women Want A Challenge!!!


WHY Do Women Want A Challenge?


Because women live for the thrill of the chase!!!

The second they know they can have you; they WILL NOT want you anymore.

It's all a game.


What is the game?




This Is The Game.


Why Do Women Play Games?


Because They Can!! Women Have The Power!!!

Every Guy They Meet Automatically Wants Them.

You Would Play Games Too If You Had The Power! I Sure As Hell Do!

Seduce & Conquer Will Teach YOU How To Have The Power.


Why Do Women Have The Power?


Because every guy they meet wants them. Beautiful women get hit on 20-30 times in a day! She can have any man she wants, anytime she wants. It's too easy for her. She wants a challenge. She wants a guy with confidence and attitude. She wants a guy who DOES NOT want her and who DOES NOT give her compliments, kiss her ass or shower her with gifts.

Her idea of attraction is different than yours.

She wants a man who does not want her. She wants to come after you and she wants to pursue you! She wants to want you.

She wants a challenge!!


Because everyone wants what they can not have & beautiful women can have any guy they want, whenever they want!

They will ONLY want you when you act like you DO NOT want them.

Women want men who are confident, cocky, condescending, charismatic and cool.

(THE 5 C'S)

They DO NOT want desperate or insecure guys. They want men that are more powerful than they are and they want men who don't care about getting laid or scoring because they don't have to. They want a man with confidence that they CAN NOT easily control or manipulate. They want a man to put them in their place. THEY want to be controlled, THEY want to be manipulated. THEY want to be seduced!



Because Women Love That Challenge!

You have to learn how to give it to her.

Seduce & Conquer will teach you how to give her the best challenge of her life. Every girl you meet will want you; every girl you meet will desire you.

You Will Have ANY Woman You Want Eating Out Of The Palm Of Your Hand! 100% Guaranteed!


How Do I Give Her A Challenge So She Wants Me?


1. By Capturing Her Attention through Rejection.

Have you ever noticed that every time you get eye contact with a woman, she is always the one to look away first?

Don't Let This Happen To You Ever Again!

The next time you get eye contact with a beautiful woman or you look into her eyes from a distance and your paths cross, make sure YOU are the one to look away first! As soon as you get eye contact with her, as soon as you look into her eyes.. make sure YOU look away FIRST.

And do it with class and style baby!

As soon as you get eye contact with her look away first with a look of contempt or remorse toward her. Let her think that you DO NOT think she is good looking or anything special in the slightest. If anything, YOU think she is NOT good looking and nothing special.

Show her that you are not interested and you will create anticipation and interest toward you! She Will Want You!

You will automatically start to notice her staring at you, wanting you, desiring you because you have given her a challenge.

This one little move will give you the instant upper hand so her attention will be yours when you approach her.


How To I Approach Her? How Do I Talk To Her? How Do I Get Her Number?

When you approach women in bars, nightclubs and social settings, don't just walk right in and start speaking. Wait for a moment.

Timing is everything!

Wait until you see a lapse in activity from the ladies or a change in their pattern and as soon as you walk up to them simply say hi ladies and begin picking on them and making fun of them. Joke with women, make them laugh but do it in a cocky and arrogant manner. Be funny and be sarcastic with women!


Be C onfident, Be C ocky, Be C ondescending, Be C harismatic and Be C ool when you speak to beautiful women!

-Approach women with charisma and confidence.

-Tease women, when you begin speaking to them.

-Act like you DO NOT care if you get laid or not.

-Show her that she's nothing special even though she might be.

-Reject her advances when she comes on to you.


And Remember...

make her laugh. Laughter is the key into her sweet little panties!!!


You Will Create A Connection With Every Beautiful Woman You Meet & You Will Create Interest Toward Yourself.

She Will Want and Desire YOU!


WHY Can I Not Come On To Her & Give Her Compliments?


Because every guy she meets comes on to her and tells her how beautiful she is and how bad he wants to get with her.

This routine actually turns women off! It makes them sick gentlemen!!

They are sick and tired of being hit on, wanted and desired. They want an empowered man who DOES NOT HAVE TO hit on them and who WILL NOT beg to get laid. They do not want you to stare at them like you are in love and they do not want to hear compliments. They do not want to hear a boy begging them or convincing them for a date. They Want To Have Fun Too. They Want To Be Intrigued. They Want To Be Kept On Their Toes..

They Want A Challenge!

Give Her A Challenge And She Will Want You! Play Hard To Get And She Will Come After You. Show Her That She's Nothing Special AND She's Yours!


What Should I NOT Do When I First Meet A Beautiful Girl At A Bar, Nightclub or Party?










What Should I Do When I Start Speaking To a Beautiful Woman?








How Do I Control The Conversation?


By Asking Her Questions And Making Fun Of Her Answers.


How Do I Know That it's Working?


If she's listening, if she's still there. its working!


How Do I Move Beyond That?


At this point you will know how interested in you she is so you now have 3 options.

Option # 1: Get Her Number. Option #2: Kiss Her. Option #3: Take Her Home.


How Do I Get Her Number?


Easy. DO NOT ASK HER FOR IT! Tell her to write it down. Never Ask, Always Tell. Never ask a woman for anything.

When you ask a question there are only 2 answers. yes and no. BUT when you TELL her to give you her number you eliminate the question, she WILL give it to you.

If she asks you for yours.. DON'T! Never give her your number because she WILL NOT call you.

Get her number and move on!


How Do I Know I Can Kiss Her?


Again, timing is everything!

Look for a moment or create a moment. Comment on her hair. Lean in and touch her body, touch her hair and slowly play with her hair. If she doesn't stop you. YOU ARE IN! She's ready to be kissed.


After you touch her hair and she liked it, ask her a question and as she begins to answer tell her to shut up and quickly kiss her.



How Can I take Her Home?


Easy! After you kiss her, TELL her to come with you and SHE WILL! She will do as YOU say because you just successfully seduced & conquered her.

This is just a small glimpse of what Seduce & Conquer has to offer and this is just the first phase of the game.

After sex, everything changes and you automatically get the power.

What you do after you have sex with her, will determine her desire for you.



Seduce & Conquer will teach you how attract, meet, date and seduce the most beautiful women in the world.


It will teach you how to make every girl you meet fall madly in love with you.

Do not procrastinate any longer.

The Complete Seduce & Conquer Program has now successfully worked for every single person that has completed it.

Yes that's right, we have an amazing 100% success rate because I speak with every client personally and I fully guarantee your success or your money back!

Don't wait any longer, take what you want and get what you deserve!

"Life is a series of choices gentlemen, the choices you make

decide where you end up."

Make The Right Choice!   



“Any woman you want eating out of the palm of your hand”

Best Regards,

Payton Kane

CEO & President

Seduce & Conquer Inc.