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Imagine walking into one of the worlds hottest Strip Clubs surrounded by 100's of sexy girls with the power to pick up any stripper you want at any given time?

This 4 hour, Private Seminar with Payton Kane is all about strippers and takes place at the actual strip club. NOT  a classroom! Payton Kane will join you at one of North America's hottest Strip Clubs and personally teach you all the secrets to attracting, meeting and seducing strippers. You will learn, first hand, how to become the guy that all the Strippers want and how to seduce any woman you want at Strip Clubs.

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how to seduce strippers


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You will learn:

•How to seduce strippers
•How to make them lust for you
•How to captivate her mind and enchant her soul
•How to create a magical moment
•How to talk to strippers
•How to pick up strippers
•How to make her believe that she has chemistry with you and only you!
•What to say to strippers when they approach you and how and when to say it
•How to use the tone of your voice to get what you want from her

•How to use her emotions and looks against her
•How to use your personality to leave a lasting impression
•How to treat her
•How to get the instant upper hand
•How to make her respect and desire you, as soon as you meet her!!
•How to capture her attention
•How to effectively use eye contact
•How to act around her
•How to not let her know what your intentions are
•How to read her body language
•How to see her intentions
•How to use the one you are speaking to to attract other women
•How to make yourself look like "the man"
•How to make yourself look better than all the other guys
•How to close her
•How to get her number
•How to deal with rejection
•How to wrap her right around your finger
•How to tap into her inner most thoughts, dreams, wants and desires

How to avoid getting dances

How to establish that you are not her customer

How to create a connection

How to show her that you are not like other guys

How to set yourself apart from all the other guys

How to get her to give you free dances

What qualities attracts stripper

What type of guys strippers want

How to understand strippers and what they are thinking

How to use eye contact to get strippers to want you

How to portray that you are an alpha dominant male

How to plant a seed with every stripper you speak to

How to become her boyfriend

How to get her to give you ALL her money (Only after a few seminars will you learn this)

How to use the girl you are speaking too to attract other strippers

The differences between picking up strippers during the day and night

How to get all the girls at the club to like and respect you

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