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The Seduce & Conquer Home Study Course

Includes: Every Single Product On This Site.

The Ultimate Seduce & Conquer Package, Seduce & Conquer 1.0, Seduce & Conquer 2.0, 5 DVDs, 4 CDs, 2 MP3 CD's,

a Telephone Player Makeover, the Seduce & Conquer Radio Show Collection and 4, 30 minute phone coaching sessions with the one and only Payton Kane!

Over 100 hours of audio and video!
Plus unlimited FREE online assistance from Payton Kane and our trained specialists for 90 days!

S&H Included! Shipped within 7 Business Days.

90 day Money Back Guarantee.

Specifications: DVD, NTSC format - plays on most DVD players in the USA, Canada, Japan.

CD's, - plays on most CD players worldwide,

MP3 - plays on all computers and most MP3 players worldwide.

Package Description:

Our best package ever. Includes every product available on this site, a Player Makeover and direct phone coaching sessions with Payton Kane.

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The Seduce & Conquer Home Study Course


You will learn:

•How To become the man that all women desire!
•How to become more attractive to them
•How to dress for every occasion
•How to look like a confident player
•Quick, easy tips on how to improve your looks and get into shape fast! (no exercise required but really effective!!)
•How to lose weight quickly
•How to gain weight quickly
•What grooming products to use
•How to whiten your teeth
•How to solve hair loss
•How to get ready before you go out
•How and which colognes to use
•How to attract and seduce women using the four senses of sight, sound, smell, and touch
•How to present yourself for guaranteed success
•How to look your absolute best!

•How and when to kiss her (timing is everything!)
•How to create the "moment"
•How to use awkward pauses toward your advantage
•How and where to touch her
•How to physically seduce her in bed (orally and sexually)
•How to give her amazing, multiple orgasms every time and in many different ways
•How to fully please her sensually

You will also learn:

•How to seduce her mentally
•How to make her lust for you
•How to captivate her mind and enchant her soul
•How to create a magical moment between the two of you
•How to talk to her
•How to manipulate her
•How to make her believe that she has chemistry with you and only you!
•The pros and cons of neuro linguistic programming
•How to approach her (no pick up lines, only clowns use them)
•What to say to her when you approach her, how and when to say it
•How to use the tone of your voice to get what you want from her

•How to use her emotions and looks against her
•How to use your personality to leave a lasting impression
•How to treat her
•How to get the instant upper hand
•How to make her respect and desire you, as soon as you meet her!!
•How to capture her attention
•How to effectively use eye contact
•How to act around her
•How to not let her know what your intentions are
•How to read her body language
•How to see her intentions
•How to use the one you are speaking to to attract other women
•How to turn your lady "friend" into your lover
•How to make yourself look like "the man"
•How to make yourself look better than all the other guys
•How to close her
•How to get her number
•How to deal with rejection
•What to do, how to act and where to go on the first date (99% success rate!)
•How to play the game and its 3 phases
•How to control her
•How to tame her
•How to string her along
•How to get the power back (if you are already in a dead end relationship)
•How to control your wife or girlfriend
•How to wrap her right around your finger
•How to tap into her inner most thoughts, dreams, wants and desires
•How to get her to fall madly in love with you

How To Seduce & Conquer Any Woman You Want....




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