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The program has been featured on Maxim, Stuff Magazine, Mens Health Global TV and broadcast over the radio to millions of people worldwide.

My seduction program WORKS. It actually helps men attract the women THEY want. (the really good looking women)

This is absolutely unheard of in any industry. All those "gurus" that promise the world to help men succeed can't even attract women themselves!

Trust me, I know. I've taught some of the BIGGEST dating gurus as well as the most "financially" successful in the industry ranging from the most popular coaches in the Seduction Community to your TV show dating "coaches".

They all learned from the BEST in business... ME!

Listen, I've kept a low profile for many years simply because I could! But it is now time to take Seduce & Conquer to the next level. I am tired of seeing these crappy products promising the world and delivering nothing to men who actually need help and are very depressed.

So what's in it for you?

First, Seduce & Conquer is the ONLY seduction program with a 0% refund rate!

Why is this?

Because the program works! Plain and simple. And, because I speak to all Seduce & Conquer members and help them with their issues individually!

I take pride in speaking to my members and helping them personally.

This is why I am so successful!

I can take ANY man, despite what he looks like, feels like, or earns financially and turn him into the biggest player that you've ever seen.

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My program works Gentlemen!

And it works VERY VERY well! Over 100,000 sales and counting WITHOUT me even lifting a finger to promote it!

I have to be honest, I am not an internet marketer nor do I even know how to make money online. I am clueless. This is why I need you...

All my sales have come from my FM Radio Show based out of Toronto, Canada and by word of mouth.

People LOVE this product!

I haven't even launched it in the US yet!!

Second, Seduce & Conquer is the ONLY seduction program that works with a 100% satisfaction rate. In my 15 years of teaching seduction to men, I've NEVER had an unsatisfied client. Each and every one of my clients loves this program and swears that it has changed their lives for the better.


Third, Seduce & Conquer is the ONLY seduction program that has been designed by an in-field EXPERT. I have a degree in psychology, I am a professional Image Consultant, a Radio Talk Show Host and have studied human behavior for many years.

I can teach ANYONE how to look better. How to feel better. How to make more money. And how to pick up and seduce women fast!

How can I do this?

Because I clearly UNDERSTAND women and know the games they play.

I play the exact same games! I think the way THEY do because I am blessed with having the same choices they have. (woman want me, approach me, hit on me etc.)

I give both private and group Seminars in Bars, Night Clubs, at the mall, on the street, at Hotel Lobby Bars, etc. I even give Strip Club Seminars and teach guys how to pick up Strippers WITHOUT spending any money!

No other 'guru' does that! Why? Because they can't!

What sets this program apart from all the others is that everything has been tested in-field whether it be the bars, clubs, gyms, grocery stores etc.

My seduction techniques WORK! They are the exact same techniques real players use to pick up women.

No pick up lines. No canned routines. Just, honest, direct, game that involves you telling them exactly what you want and what you expect!

Fourth, you will receive 75% on every sale that you make! This means that you earn $37.46 for every $49.95 Seduce & Conquer MP3 Program that you sell!


Fifth, unlike every other Clickbank seller, I am very lenient on how you promote Seduce & Conquer as long as the sales are not fraudulent and you are not spamming the website. This means you can create your own landing pages, etc. and direct link to the order page.

Whatever it takes for you to make legit sales, go for it!

Last, there will be prizes for every top affiliate each month. These prizes are a surprise and can not be discussed here because Clickbank will not like them.

But, just to give you an example of what I'm talking about, can you imagine yourself at a Seduce & Conquer party on a yacht with a ton of hot babes!?

I give Seminars to clients in places like Cancun, The Dominican Republic, and Las Vegas. I am very connected and have homes and condos in all 3 destinations PLUS I throw private parties twice a year on my Yacht in the Caribbean for a very exclusive list of clientele.

Get me sales and YOU will not only be invited, but the guest of honor at my parties AND I will pay for your airfare, hotel and all your expenses!

I GUARANTEE you will have the BEST time of your life because, after all, I am a real Player myself and I know tons of women from all over the world that love to party with me and my exclusive clients!

Remember what I do for a living... I travel the world, pick up women and I get paid for it!

Get me sales and I'll give you the American Dream seen through a celebrities eyes!

If you're happily married, and can't come to one of my destinations, then I will give you and your wife CASH and lots of it!

So, you have a choice...

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Gentleman, start promoting and I'll see you on the other side!

Payton Kane

CEO & President

Seduce & Conquer Inc.

1 (844) 3-SEDUCE (373 3823)

PS. I am also releasing a brand new DVD next month to help WOMEN attract, meet, and seduce MEN because they all call and ask me for help on my Seduce & Conquer Radio Show and you can get in on that too!



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